An essay on naval discipline

In thus presenting myself to the public, as a discontented and disappointed man, I am actuated solely by motives of candour and veracity;—I wish them to know justly how to appreciate my sentiments, and properly to discriminate what is derived from passion and what from reason.

The claiming this power is only justified by the necessity there is, that society should have the means of producing its own benefit or perfection; Edition: But to my subject of paramount importance what can animate our armies to those great military achievements but the love of praise; at reading the Gazettes, what heart but feels a momentary glow to share with them their toils and their praises; and what can stimulate the sailor in his arduous labours, but the praise he knows his country is ready to bestow on his success; for, like every other military exertion, praise is almost their only An essay on naval discipline.

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Show full review on "Trustpilot" Suzy W. As they are also acknowledgedly unjust, it becomes their supporters clearly to show the existing necessity, distinctly to prove this bad character of the seamen, or amend the execution of these laws; but I think I can satisfactorily prove, that this necessity does not An essay on naval discipline that the frequent crimes and bad character they are made the vehicles of punishing they themselves occasion.

To continue the enumeration of those things that are punished as the neglect of duty: Taking, therefore, for granted, that the love of praise, or superiority, is a general passion of our nature, it will be stronger in our country than in any other; for it is one conspicuous effect of that liberty we enjoy to afford room for the gratification of, and consequently to excite, every human desire.

An essay on naval discipline

Johnson must be allowed much weight. It is also rendered perfectly useless by the captains employing other means of punishment; therefore this order, though evincing the necessity there is for some check, is wholly ineffectual.

Higher wages were at that time given to carpenters of merchant ships than the exercise of his trade allowed him to get on shore, and far exceeded his pay in a man of war. I can assert I feel such a desire very strong myself, and I conclude, from analogy, others do also; and that, consequently, it is a general passion implanted in us Edition: Analysis essay on jeevan me; essay about self discipline in india in hindi language by class 3.

I had a task to write an essay about the chemical industry in my region, but I knew absolutely nothing about it.

As I speak we be that way. However strong might be his convictions of duty to serve his country, when every effort to procure his discharge had failed, strongly implanted affection for his mother an affection mankind must honour as the source of so many virtues led him to desert.

Is not the desire of praise the cause of scandal being so much a topic of conversation in country places? Do away this despicable opinion, and the common passions of our nature, which our history shows our countrymen have always had in them, will do away every shadow of a necessity for pressing.

Can the rise of despotism in any society be ever so well resisted as at first.

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In compliance with the general intention of prefaces, I shall give some account of my motives for appearing before the public, on so interesting and important a subject as the Discipline of the Naval Service. From you, therefore, and you only, from the gradual progress of your opinions displayed through your representatives, can sailors expect any redress, or can laws be enacted having, for their bases, confidence in you, by which you will be taught to think well of yourselves?

A Definition of Discipline, with the Modes by which the present System destroys it From being allowed to live in all kinds of indolence, they are suddenly required to assume a large portion of activity, and very often the want of this activity, encouraged by the indolence of a former captain, is imputed to them as a crime, and endeavoured to be conquered by flogging.

It probably might have added to my reputation, but it would materially have promoted my sufferings. Show full review on "Trustpilot" Odette F. It was not because they had not been scrubbed at all, but because they did not look well: To rescue our seamen from these cruelties, is, therefore, becoming every man of humanity; and, as while men labour under despotic oppression, they never can think well of themselves—to release our seamen from it, is the peculiar business of every advocate of virtue; for the first step to dignity of action is, that men should think well of themselves.

The lash of terror is employed to quicken his exertions, which again generates hatred, and, as the conviction cannot escape his superiors that he is a much injured man, a still greater degree of terror is employed to prevent hatred growing into vengeance; and from this has arisen that system of coercive laws, and customs, infinitely worse than laws, which, form what is called naval discipline, which again in their turn, as their existence is known to the lowest classes of the community, are the only possible reasons that can be assigned for the necessity of pressing.

Experience shews, that there is no punishment for a captain who does this, that nine hundred and ninety-nine instances out of a thousand escape; besides, a prosecution is not a simple business, few are the seamen that have knowledge sufficient to conduct it, for every effort is employed to keep them in ignorance; fewer still dare oppose an authority which they are habituated to reverence from terror, and when they do still fewer succeed.

If they are false or bad, if I have thought better of you than you deserve, you will for ever consign them to Edition: The principles it sets in opposition are not the dogmas of a sect, they belong not particularly to church-men, dissenters, or catholics, but are the only things in which they all agree; they are the acknowledged supporters of every kind of social intercourse and social order.

When have they thought it a crime, or when have they been cowardly enough to neglect to defend their country?An essay on naval discipline by Thomas Hodgskin,Printed for the author by C. Squire; sold by Sherwood, Neely, & Jones edition. Oku «An Essay on Naval Discipline» Thomas Hodgskin Rakuten Kobo ile.

Thomas Hodgskin was a member of the British Navy, and a socialist writer, critical of what he saw as the ills of capital. Read "An Essay on Naval Discipline" by Thomas Hodgskin with Rakuten Kobo.

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Thomas Hodgskin was a member of the British Navy, and a socialist writer, critical of what he saw as the ills of capital. The foregoing detail of naval discipline must have satisfactorily shewn, that it is directly opposite to the principles of justice that are derived from religion and morality; and as naval successes, of which the cause has never been enquired, have fully assured our rulers of the goodness of naval discipline; as principles of justice would.

Discipline In the U.S. Navy. Condensation Of A Study By RADM Arleigh Burke, USN December Bureau of Naval Personnel NAVPERS Foreword.

Rear Admiral Arleigh Burke's study in its original form was reproduced and distributed to all Commanders in Chief. An essay on naval discipline shewing part of its evil effects on the minds of the officers, on the minds of the men, and on the community; with an amended system.

An essay on naval discipline
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